Mistress Zita v skinny slave with handjob HD

Mistress Zita practices her wrestling skills using her skinny exhausted slave. He can’t handle her strong scissors and pins. The skillful strong lady does what she wants. The male fights and struggles, tries to get out but no chance for him. Lady Zita even likes to play on his weakness and teases him during the match robbing his cock and finally makes him come. Very sexy wrestling clip with the beautiful and strong Lady Zita.

The lost match

The looser of loosers lays wager with the skillful lady Zita : “Who gonna lost the next round must sniff the other’s ass”. But he couldn’t do anything with Zita scissors and pins. He hadn’t chance to win. So he must sniff the beautiful Lady’s pretty ass. This is not a regular mixed wrestling clip but there are exciting and humiliating ass sniffing and facesitting scenes. Download the movie