Zita Krista v peter

 Peter fights againts Zita and Krista. He thinks that he is strong enough to win over two ladies. He tries everything he can, tries to do his best. We can even hear his breath aloud, but the very strong exprienced skillful girls play with him like a cat does with he mouse, Peter get tired sooner that he could imagine. Download the movie

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Zita, Kyra vs simon

Two girls fight with this looser who thinks that he can win. The girls kick him, punch him, face slap him. They take off his t-shirt and pants while punching his belly, kicking him, faceslapping him hard. They tie his hand back with a rope and he must continue the fight in this humiliating situation. Later he is tied handed up in a helpless position and must stand the hard beats and kicks. Finally the ladies totally finish him. Cruel merciless fighting with two sexy girls.  33 minutes    Download the movie or buy on DVD

Kate vs Peter

Wrestling with Kate is not a simple or easy task. This guy try to do his best in this two Round but he got hard time in Kate’s scissor.The guy gives up the first round, he can’t do anything againts Kate. The second round may begin. Let’s see wheter he could handle the scissors and pins of Kate this time ?
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